Enjoy Freshly Prepared Fish Dinner Options at Our Seafood Restaurant

Stop by Our Seafood Restaurant to Enjoy Homemade Delicacies


Large Selection of Dishes

Granny Fishes’ House has been serving customers around the Wartrace, TN area since 1985. Our large selection of dinner options and desserts are sure to please your palate.
Explore Our Fish Dinner Options
Rib eyes

Enjoy Homemade Food

If you are craving for homemade food and desserts, visit our restaurant. Rib eyes and salads are added to our menu. Treat your taste buds to our tasty sides, desserts and drinks.
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Satisfying Sandwiches

Enjoy scrumptious sandwiches and combo fish dinner options at our restaurant. Enjoy our Special Thursday Night Frog Legs at 340 Shippmans Creek Rd. We provide FREE parking.
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